Saturday, September 6, 2008

Panasonic PT LB60U

Price as Reviewed $1,195.00 - $1,383.99

This small LCD projector's Daylight View 2 feature caught my eye - literally. The projector has a built-in sensor that measures the ambient light, and then adjusts the halftone colors and brightness level accordingly, giving sharp "true colour" images no matter what the light conditions. Combined with XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, 3200 lumens, a 400 to 1 contrast ratio and a weight of 5.5 pounds, this LCD projector makes giving worry free presentations in a variety of venues easy.

Understanding Front-projection TVs - LCD

LCD and DLP are very close in terms of performance, and even LCD's ability to produce good blacks has improved quite a bit. DLP still enjoys a slight edge in contrast ratio, however, mainly because its projectors can get a bit brighter than those of LCDs. The screen-door effect, which appears as a fine grid of pixels overlaying the screen, is also more noticeable on most LCD projectors. As we mentioned above, however, 720p LCD projectors still enjoy more features than their budget 720p DLP competition, including highly desirable items such as horizontal and vertical lens shift. No consumer-priced 1080p LCD projectors are currently available.

Can get extremely bright; decent uniformity; generally better black-level performance than LCD.

More expensive than similar-resolution LCD models; rainbow effect.

Already the most popular technology for home-theater projection, new less-expensive 720p versions will make DLP even more desirable.