Monday, September 15, 2008

3M Pocket Projector MPro110

by Daniel O
Price as Reviewed $359

Pack your pico projector and your netbook and go deliver that keynotes wherever you want. When it comes to choosing a netbook you have lots of options. They are all similar pieces of hardware under different brands. But choosing a pico projector is actually more difficult as there aren’t that many on the market.

3M have announced their newest product, the MPro110 (pocket projector) and the guys at have got their hands on one. Basically it’s a mini projector that plugs into most DVD players via a VGA cable and allows your movie to be projected nearly anywhere! In a dark room this could possibly replace your flashy home cinema system. It doesn’t come with speakers though, so keep the flashy ones for that. The MPro110 also comes with a composite jack cable to allow you to plug in and receive output from things like your PSP or iPhone. Priced at only $359 it goes on sale September 30th and 3M say they may incorporate it into cellphones next year too.


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